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Is your product effective against Covid-19? 

Alcohol based sanitisers that contain over 60% alcohol (our products are 70%) are known to kill many types of viruses and germs including MERS coronavirus, E coli, influenza, Hep A, HIV and more. The WHO recommends alcohol based sanitisers at 60% or more to help combat Covid-19.

Are your products safe on ALL surfaces?

Our products are generally safe to use on hands and all surfaces. People with hyper- sensitive skin should test before use. When using on uncommon surfaces, we always recommend testing on an inconspicuous spot first. 

How are your products plant based if there is alcohol? 

The ethanol we use in our products is sustainably sourced from whey or wheat. The cleaning detergent we use is a sugar based emulsifier. And water and salt, that’s it! 

What is the expiry date of your products? 

Given alcohol is a preservative, technically our products should never go off! However we recommend disposing of them 2 years after purchase. 

Do you offer trade/commercial pricing? 

Yes! Get in touch with info@saferange.co.nz and let’s chat about your needs